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Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. It is necessary for blood clotting, giving the skin structure and elasticity. Therefore, it is not surprising that collagen is a very popular health and beauty supplement.

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There are 16 types of collagen in total. They form four groups:

  • The first is the most common, accounting for 90 percent of all collagen, and forms the structure of teeth, cartilage, skin bones, and joints;
  • Second, it includes collagen, which is present in elastic cartilage and loose fibers;
  • Third, this group is responsible for maintaining arteries, organs, and muscles;
  • The fourth is located in the skin and participates in filtration processes.

Supplements include almost all types. They can contain only collagen or additional nutrients, such as vitamins. It is very easy to order collagen supplements online. The largest selection is presented in the iHerb hypermarket. It offers products from the best manufacturers in the world. All items have a very attractive price tag, but it is usually not the final cost. If you use promotional codes, you can buy collagen on iHerb with a significant discount.

The marketplace offers different types of coupons:

  1. For free delivery. This is a great choice for small orders. With this promo code, you can buy one jar of collagen and not pay a single penny for delivery. The final cost will be even cheaper than buying a similar supplement at the nearest pharmacy.
  2. Discounts on products of a certain brand. They help to reduce costs and stay loyal to your favorite manufacturer. Savings will be especially noticeable when ordering goods for a fairly large amount.
  3. A coupon for the amount of the order. This is one of the most attractive promotional offers. You can add not only collagen but also vitamins and other health and skin care products to your check. The standard discount is 10-20 percent.

The bonus code is activated when purchasing collagen at the checkout stage. If you add a coupon, the system will automatically calculate the discount amount and issue the final invoice. You can remove the promo code if you want to change the contents of the cart or find an even better offer. Discounts for collagen supplements do not stack – the system chooses the best option available.

Promo codes for iHerb for the first and second order are always available. The marketplace also regularly holds additional promotions. Most of them take place on holidays.