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Zinc in the human body is involved in the regulation of hormones, has a direct impact on reproductive functions and immunity.

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Buy zinc on iHerb

The main functions of the microelement also include the following:

  • support of the thyroid gland function;
  • accelerates the healing of acne wounds;
  • promotes the synthesis of growth hormone, insulin, and testosterone;
  • prevents the growth of viruses, etc.

If the body does not have enough zinc, then there are problems with vision, hair loss, and wounds heal much more slowly. Men may experience impotence. Symptoms also include depression, increased nervousness, insomnia, etc. To make an accurate diagnosis, you need to see a doctor and undergo tests.

To increase zinc levels, you need to add foods rich in this element to your diet. These can be milk, nuts, mussels and oysters, and chicken eggs. Diet can only compensate for a slight deficiency. In all other cases, you can’t do without appropriate dietary supplements. The best ones are presented in the iHerb store.

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