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Vitamin C affects a small number of processes in the body. It is involved in the synthesis of hormones, regulates metabolism, and helps in the restoration of tissues, teeth, bones, blood vessels, etc. This substance also accelerates the body’s recovery during illnesses.

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The following signs indicate vitamin C deficiency in the body:

  1. Rough skin. Vitamin C promotes collagen synthesis. If its amount is insufficient, then keratosis may occur, when the so-called “chicken skin” appears in the buttocks, legs, and triceps.
  2. Slow wound healing. Studies show that people whose leg ulcers do not heal often suffer from vitamin C deficiency. If the deficiency is critical, then old wounds can “open up”.
  3. Bleeding gums. Swollen, red gums, constant bleeding are constant companions of vitamin C deficiency. In the later stages, the gums may have a purple color.
  4. Constant fatigue and bad mood.

The daily requirement for a person is 75-90 mg. The nutrient can be obtained from bell peppers, rose hips, dill, kiwi, black currant, and many other foods. During periods of unavailability of high-quality and fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as when you need to know the exact dosage of vitamin C, it is better to take appropriate supplements. You can buy them at a pharmacy, but if quality and affordable price are important, iHerb is the best option. The hypermarket has established itself as a platform where you can quickly buy biological supplements from leading manufacturers.

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